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 I want to go, but many matters palace spare time, again went to the post, who sent me back?  Coach outlet in thought throughout the empire, such as live his affairs were handed down, and the sky of the city from the palace ten eighteen thousand years that far, then have to walk back took a few days.
Oh, you can call when you send your daughter back Well, palace affairs to the prime minister would do well, in the end you go or not? Go, I gotta go!  Coach Lane on the following Kakai said.
Well, I went to a couple of days, I hear you there is now Senerdasi continent's most prosperous cities, especially that a floating palace and Jian Shan, do not see what really sorry for myself!  Kakai Houli empire finish, then that is to say a few words on the side of the guards and the eunuch, who is marching huge sword blade flew above the ladder to go.
Coach factory shouted after that three huge sword blade retracts the ladder to go immediately, and then began to appear around the huge blade fence two meters. The reason is that there is no fear of these powerful concubine, fell to below during the flight, but now do not worry about this thing. Now they also boldly went to the fence to the side, looking views of the palace and the king of the city below.
Huge sword plateMove, but not very fast, but slo
Coach factory outlet